Facets for Delicious

Facets for Delicious

Facette is a suite of tools allows Delicious users to organize their bookmarks using facets. Facette offers a bookmarks browser that automatically organizes tags in a user's account. Facette also offers an enhanced version of Delicious' tagging tool.

How to Install Facette

  1. Participate in our user study (optional):
  2. Install Facette's Firefox Plugin


Facette's Tagging Tool

Getting Started

Questions or Comments About this Project?

Feel free to contact us at facette@mit.edu.
Or, you can contact Facette's author through Gchat:

Contribute to science!

MIT's Haystack group is looking for feedback on how Facette compares to Delicious. Please sign up for a user study. Participants will be contacted for feedback and will be asked to use Facette for an extended period of time. We will not spam you and will not disclose your email address to anyone.

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